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Kevin Gregory

Kevin Gregory

Kevin has worked for Our Daily Bread Ministries since 2005, and is currently serving as Senior Vice President for Ministry Services and Europe. He is based in Sandside in the United Kingdom, and lives in the Lake District. Kevin has been married to Julie since 1978, and has 4 adult sons scattered across the UK and Spain. He is a keen hill walker, and is passionate about Newcastle United (his home town football team). Proverbs 3:5-7 are life verses for Kevin.

Articles by Kevin Gregory

why break the pencil?

I was listening to a radio call-in program that was discussing the making and breaking of promises. One presenter summed up the consensus when he said, “Most of us break promises as often as we break pencils. That’s just the way of life, and it’s what people expect today.”

King David didn’t see it that way. In 2 Samuel 9…

God's colors

Ever wonder how a black, shriveled sunflower seed placed in dark brown soil can grow into a tall, green plant with a yellow flower? This metamorphosis of colors and shapes reflects God's creative and mysterious ways. We are often surprised by His work in our lives.

The bright, "light" tones we see at the end of Acts 11—believers being taught…

false image

If a star that was 30 light years away had exploded 5 years ago—we wouldn’t notice for another 25 years! The star would look to us as if it hadn’t changed, even though it had in fact died. On earth, we would continue to see the brilliant image of its past—but the real star would be history.

Christ’s letter to…

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