Our world grants increasing access to those who can afford the price of admission. If you want to hear your favorite band in concert, you can buy a ticket. Spend more money and you can buy a backstage pass and take a selfie with the band during the “meet and greet.” Pay a lot more and they may be willing to sing at your wedding or birthday party.

Money opens most doors—except the one leading to God. He owns everything, so He doesn’t care how much we possess. As long as we give our best to Him, whatever we have is enough. Even in the Old Testament, when God required ancient Israelites to offer a sacrifice for their sin, God said those who couldn’t afford a sheep or goat could present either “two turtledoves or two young pigeons” (Leviticus 5:7). And if they couldn’t even afford two birds, they could bring the amount of flour normally used by a person in one day (Leviticus 5:11).

God made a way for everyone to come to Him. Grace can’t be bought, so He didn’t offer more access or a higher grade of forgiveness to those who gave more. God forgave fully and equally those who offered a lamb and those who brought only a bowl of flour. He didn’t look down on the poor who gave less. His own Son was born into a family that could only afford two birds (Leviticus 12:8; Luke 2:22-24).

We can never buy access to God; in fact, He has bought full and complete access through the sacrifice of Jesus. God freely accepts whatever we have, but He expects even the poor to give their best. They weren’t to bring whatever crumbs they found in their kitchen but were told to offer God their “choice” flour. Let’s give our best to God out of what He’s given us and, whether it’s large or small, it will be enough.

NLT 365-day reading plan passage for today: Matthew 5:17-30