Theodore Bayley Hardy, a chaplain in the British Army, is one of the most highly decorated noncombatants of World War I. On his gravestone are etched some letters most people won’t understand: VC, DSO, MC. They reveal that Hardy—who died from battle wounds—received the Victoria Cross, Distinguished Service Order, and Military Cross for his service.

Though some would say he never belonged in war—he was too old (54 when he enlisted) and was small of stature with no military experience. But he went to the trenches and shared the love of Jesus with soldiers, for he felt called by God to be there.

Philip was called to go to an unlikely place—a desert road. He had just been involved in a revival in and around Jerusalem, and there was a pressing need for him to minister in the city. To leave would be folly. Philip belonged with the disciples, continuing God’s work.

But when God called, Philip listened. God told him to “go south down the desert road that runs from Jerusalem to Gaza” (Acts 8:26). There seemed to be no reason for it, and yet he obeyed the instructions given by the angel of the Lord. The result was the salvation and baptism of a prominent Ethiopian leader (Acts 8:36). What’s more, the new believer in Jesus then took his faith home with him and Africa received its first convert. Through Philip’s obedience, the good news had arrived in that great continent!

It doesn’t matter what our qualifications are, nor does it matter what the situation appears to be. What’s important is that we’re prepared to go wherever God calls. By His wisdom and power He can work wonders through us, be it in the dark trenches of life or even on a lonely desert road.

NLT 365-day reading plan passage for today: Luke 23:32-49