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Walking in Jesus’ Shoes

Renowned psychotherapist and physician Alfred Adler stressed the need to understand individuals within their social context. Calling for compassion and empathy in relating to others, he described empathy as “seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another.”

A God Like Jesus

For decades I’ve had a fascination with Scotland. Perhaps it’s the depiction of William Wallace’s heroics in the movie Braveheart or the scenery of the Highlands. Maybe it’s because my dad once talked about the Scottish clan from which we trace our family history. I’ve thought often of the place and carried numerous perceptions about the people and the land. However, perceptions and reality are always different. I had to put my feet on that lush soil, hear the cadence of the language, and eat Scottish food in order to know what the place is truly like. To know anything true, we have to experience the reality—not merely read or think about it.

like Jesus

Last month I was a character reference for a friend who was candidating with a missions agency. All I had to do was give my honest feedback based on certain key performance indicators (KPIs). As I “evaluated” my friend, I wondered how my peers would rate me, not in my professional capacity, but as a believer in Jesus. I wondered…


Have you known people who wanted to backtrack on their baptism? The National Secular Society in London has created “certificates of de- baptism” that can be downloaded from the Web site. The certificates were originally created to “mock the practice of baptizing infants,” but atheists and those who no longer hold to Christian faith are now downloading them to the…

loving others

It was such a dilemma—whether or not to marry the man who had proposed to me—that I agonized over what to do for nearly a year. During that time, I read dozens of relationship books, sought advice from counselors and pastors, and listened to scores of married friends explain how they “just knew” when faced with the same decision.


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