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The Joy of Scripture

When I reflect on the times in my life when I’ve been most devoted to digging deeply into Scripture, I’m struck by the joy, courage, contentment, and confidence in God that resulted. For example, when I was in high school, I seldom went anywhere without a pack of index cards on which I’d handwritten Bible verses. I was a competitive distance runner at the time, and as I logged many long miles I carried the verses with me and committed passage after passage to memory. As I meditated on Scripture the miles flew by and my life, faith, and attitude were renewed, shaping a heart and mind bent toward God.

What’s That to You?

For all the good Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can bring to our lives, including allowing us to keep in touch with family and friends, these social media sites can also be stumbling blocks. One of my friends has started limiting the amount of time she spends on social media because she found herself becoming increasingly consumed with the lives of her online friends. Yep, she struggles with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram nosiness. But she’s not the only one.


Journalist Jeffrey Gettleman asserts, “There is a very simple reason why some of Africa’s bloodiest, most brutal wars never seem to end: They are not really wars. . . . The combatants don’t have much of an ideology; they don’t have clear goals. . . . I’ve witnessed up close—often way too close—how combat has morphed from soldier versus soldier (now a rarity in Africa) to soldier versus civilian.”

asking for wisdom

The value of gold and silver has soared over the past few years. These precious metals have historically been celebrated as extremely valuable. But long ago, young King Solomon wrote, “Joyful is the person who finds wisdom . . . For wisdom is more profitable than silver, and her wages are better than gold” (Proverbs 3:13-14).

when giving isn’t helping

Street kids populate most intersections in Uganda’s capital city Kampala. I know many of the children by name, and when I’m stopped in traffic they regularly congregate at my car to talk and laugh with me.


Dante Autullo had no idea that a 3.5-inch nail was embedded in his brain. He was totally oblivious. Having accidentally shot himself in the head with a nail gun in January 2012, Autullo thought he had only suffered a small cut . . . so he went back to work! Later, he started to feel nauseous and doctors subsequently found the nail lodged in the center of his brain. Amazingly, Dante came through surgery with no side effects, but with a new titanium plate in his skull.

open he(ear)t

Sometimes I don’t want advice. On numerous occasions, I’ve poured out my heart to my husband and he has responded with sound counsel. But what he doesn’t always understand is that I simply want to share my thoughts with him. I don’t want answers. Acting as if I’m all ears, I listen only to see if he’ll say what I…

perplexing situations

Psalms 78:41-44: Again and again they tested God’s patience and provoked the Holy One of Israel. They did not remember His power and how he rescued them from their enemies. They did not remember His miraculous signs in Egypt, His wonders on the plain of Zoan. For He turned their rivers into blood, so no one could drink from the…


My friend has a habit of asking God for signs. In doing so, His prayers tend to seek confirmation of his feelings, as in “God, if You want me to do ‘X,’ then please do ‘Y,’ and I’ll know it’s OK.”

Not surprisingly, this has created a dilemma. For my friend feels that he should get back with his ex-girlfriend,…

do you have gas?

Yes, that's what he asked  me . . . straight-faced! "DO YOU HAVE GAS?"

I know firsthand how our intentions and our mouths sometimes don't work well together. But have you noticed how everyday careless words can either make you laugh or insult you? My daughter and I had stopped at a service station convenience store to get a soda and…

a good investment

In a time when financial and housing markets around the globe have taken a beating, good investments can be hard to find. Some urge, “Buy gold. It’s an inflation beater that will always be worth something.” Others suggest that a corrected real estate market is a good place to park your money. Many recommend traditional long-term investments in mutual funds.…

the right time

I’ve known believers in Jesus who struggled with guilt for saying “no” to taking on a new responsibility in a church or a parachurch organization. Many of them felt that by not agreeing to do more, they were failing to “walk by faith.” Yet they are all people who possess good reasons for carefully selecting their priorities. Some of them…

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