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Is There Wi-Fi?

A few years ago, I brought a group of young people on a mission trip. As we neared our departure date, the most frequently asked question was, “Is there Wi-Fi?” So just imagine the wails and groans one night when the Wi-Fi was down!

no lazy river

One of our favorite family vacation sites is a beautiful beach community located in an adjoining state. We like to go there during the “off season” when few tourists are around. Though the ocean water is a little chilly, we enjoy swimming in an indoor pool. Also, there’s a lazy river that surrounds the pool and holds a special appeal for our kids. They’ve tried to swim against its current over the years, only to be carried in the opposite direction.

smelling good

Quite a number of my friends wear fragrances. But before long, the fragrance wears off and they have to spray on more to continue to smell good!

the road more traveled

Ever heard of “swarm intelligence”? Ant colonies use it to establish the quickest paths between food and their nests. Scout ants leave a trail of pheromones (a chemical substance) as they make their way to edibles. More ants follow, causing the scent on the trails to become even stronger. Over time, the best routes become more popular and scented, while the less-efficient paths steadily decrease in both the number of ants traversing them and the pheromones left behind. “Swarm intelligence” allows ant colonies to consistently find the best paths to the nourishment they need.

not mine

My husband and I believe that the most influential people in a child’s life are his or her parents. But we wonder at times if our parenting decisions are having the impact we hoped for. Now that our kids are adolescents, friendships no longer consist of playing with toys and learning to share. Likewise, because they’re not always within sight, our kids have more experiences on their own than when they were younger. These days, instead of searching for a lesson to deposit in their hearts and minds (Proverbs 3:1), I find myself looking for a place to kneel and pray for them.

playing the part

Last year a teenager in China got in some hot water for playing the part of a stewardess. The 13-year-old bought a uniform that resembled those worn by stewardesses and even put together some fake credentials. Then she camped out at the local airport terminal, trying to sneak her way onto a jet. When police escorted her away, she begged them to bring her back, saying, “I am truly in love with the sky. Let me go to the airport.”

September 30, 2013

What has God taught you about what it takes to be a godly leader?

rescue required

What do you get when you cross a Frisbee with a life preserver? The answer is an invention called a ResQDisc. When a rescuer throws it to a drowning person, the light, durable cord inside uncoils, allowing the person to be pulled to safety. The device allows a rescuer to aid someone without jumping into the water himself.

you choose Q: how come things go wrong even when a Christian lives by God's Word?

Q: Why is it that everything in life seems to go wrong when a Christian tries to live according to the Word? Examples: faithful wives, loving, sacrificing moms who have husbands cheat . . . children call only when they need something . . . friends and family only contact me when they need help.  —Kim

A: I take it from…

invisible hand of God

While her mother-in-law was out of town, my friend was given the keys to her luxurious car. Later, my friend said to me, “The leather seat seems to be made just for your body shape. And the car cruises silently along the highway. Wow, such luxury is intoxicating.”

what should i do?

One of my favorite books on writing is Writing for the Soul by Jerry Jenkins. In his book Jerry gives some excellent advice for Christian writers. For example, “We can’t write for other people’s souls unless ours are healthy.” Or how about this gem: “No writer ever arrives.” Jerry also advises, “Allow yourself to be moved, and write what moves you.”…

money and happiness

How much money does one need to be happy? According to a study from Princeton University, it’s $75,000 (US dollars) a year. The study claims that the lower a person’s annual income falls below that benchmark, the unhappier he or she will be.

At a recent trip to a rural district in Thailand, however, I saw a lady peddling snacks…

good fruit

My 12-year-old son’s teacher asked his class what age they would like to be. Most of his friends shared that they preferred the freedom that came with being older, but my son said he wanted to be 9 again because his classmates were kinder then and swore less. I winced a little for his end of innocence, and I pondered…

man of God

Recently a colleague asked me, “What would you like to be?” I replied, “Well, in terms of career planning, I don’t know. But I want to be someone who is wise, compassionate, and humble.”

In Paul’s letter to his protégé, he didn’t instruct Timothy to become an A-list pastor; rather he reminded him that he was a “man of God”…

my three sons

Okay, I admit the title of this devo is misleading. I don’t have sons. I am the proud father of three lovely girls! And by the grace of God, I strive to be the kind of parent God wants me to be.

Now since I have raised only daughters, I’ve been told that my parenting expertise is restricted to raising…

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