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Beautiful Clothes

When we were planning our wedding, my husband and I decided we wanted our wedding party to wear traditional clothes from their home countries. But I also wanted the colors to match. Since the outfits were being prepared by my mom and my future mother-in-law in separate countries, Romania and Thailand, color coordination was nearly impossible. What’s worse, some of our friends wouldn’t be able to try on their clothing until the wedding day! I finally stopped worrying and simply prayed that the clothes would fit everyone and the colors wouldn’t clash. When the long-awaited day finally came, everyone looked spectacular!

new way to be human

Last year, my wife Miska and I traveled to London.

We enjoyed the standard sights (Westminster Abbey was a favorite), but mainly we spent our days walking the neighborhoods, visiting shops and cafes, soaking in a different way of life. We noticed how drinking tea provided a daily rhythm, how remarkably peaceful a subway (or tube, as they call it)…


Seventeen-year-old Vinnie Huntington got his revenge on a bull that gored him on his family’s farm. As he sat down to eat the steak carved from the bull, he said, “I’m going to enjoy it, too.”

Unlike Vinnie, followers of Jesus who have been “gored” by the words, attitudes, and actions of others should have a different response when it…

costly mistakes

As I was recently reading through 1 Samuel, my favorite book of the Bible, I was gripped by the run-in David had with Nabal (1 Samuel 25). David and his men were camped in a desert where Nabal was shearing his sheep. So he sent a message to Nabal, reminding him of how he had generously protected his shepherds in…

false image

If a star that was 30 light years away had exploded 5 years ago—we wouldn’t notice for another 25 years! The star would look to us as if it hadn’t changed, even though it had in fact died. On earth, we would continue to see the brilliant image of its past—but the real star would be history.

Christ’s letter to…

love . . . the best way

Day after day, thousands of Jesus’ followers toil in foreign lands to bring relief and the love of Christ to the severely afflicted and to the poorest of the poor. Through the context of their work, many of these laborers witness brutalities and suffering beyond human comprehension.

In Africa, many people I meet are devoted to coming alongside the “least…

it’s not all about you

Prior to moving to East Africa, I lived in Washington, DC, just a few miles away from Walter Reed Hospital. This is the treatment facility for the American soldiers who have been most severely wounded while serving in the Iraq War.

Three friends and I were invited to visit Walter Reed on a semi-regular basis to offer encouragement to the…

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